‘Summer break’ and upcoming blogposts

My holiday in Vienna has been amazing and full of great memories. No words can describe how much I liked it there: amazing buildings, great food, lovely people. I can go on and on. This holiday also made me realise how much ‘free time’ actually means for me, time where I don’t feel constantly pressured to do something special or to create something meaningful. That’s why I decided to take a small break from my blog as well. On August 13th I will be back, and hopefully better than ever!

“But Pam, what will you write about when you’re back, because there’s a chance I won’t come back after a month?”

Well, here’s the answer: I’m going to write about Vienna for a while, with at least 10 blogpost ideas lined up, I’m inspired enough to keep my creative juices flowing. I truly hope each and everyone will be just as excited for these Vienna posts and decide to tune on near the end of August!

I wish everyone a wonderful summer!



P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of two topics for upcoming blogposts: one will be about the best café ever and the other about hidden gems in a certain place


5 reasons why I love my major with my entire heart – and why you might love it too!

Whenever I tell people that I study communication sciences at a Dutch university, I always get weird looks from people saying that it’s a pointless major, there are no job opportunities and that it shouldn’t even be considered a university degree since ‘communication can’t be learned, it’s something you do’, at least, according to them. People like this just can’t comprehend how my major can be fun, challenging and loved with my entire heart. Below are five reasons why I love it so much.

1. You start to understand yourself more
It sounds cheesy, I know, but after I started studying this, I noticed that I started to understand myself more. I now focus a lot more on the way I speak, on the non-verbal communication I do, on the way I communicate my thoughts with people through language. I found out I’m more extrovert than I thought and that writing clears my head so much. They say university helps you grow as a person, but I think this major helped me grow twice as much already.
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Tipsy students

One advantage of not really liking alcohol is being able to observe tipsy students. To be quite honest, these students belong to a demographic I’d like to avoid, but every now and then I make an exception.

A while ago, my friends asked (read: slightly forced) me to go to an informal drinks night our student association hosted. The wine, which smelled like vinegar, was served in those typical free paper cups. Very student-like, right?

‘I’d take a Fanta.’

One thing led to another and after 30 minutes I was playing along in some weird drinking game with seven slightly intimidating students.

‘Pamela, I give you five sips.’ A boy looked at my cup, waiting for me to take a sip. I brought the cup to my lips and drank. They all knew I didn’t drink, but I was wondering if they hadn’t forgotten it already.

Two hours later, I decided it was time for me to cycle home again, but just as I was preparing to leave, the ‘five sips boy’ stopped me and said: ‘How can you tolerate alcohol so well?’ A smile started to form on my lips as I gave him my cup, which contained a remainder of my fizzy drink. All he did was laugh, not being able to fully comprehend it all.

Sometimes, watching tipsy students can be fun, especially when you’re the one who’s sober.


I’d like to think I’m not terrible at introducing myself to others, so here we go.
You stumbled upon my blog and maybe, if you’re interested, you plan on coming back every now and then.

This blog, Peculiar Pamela, will be updated at least once a week (probably on wednesdays and saturdays), but who knows? Maybe there’ll be an extra mystery post once in a while on special occasions.

Before we start, I’d like to explain that while I write in English, I’m not a native speaker myself, so there might be an occasional grammar or vocabulary mistake every now and then. Please bear with that!

But Pamela, why do you write in English then? To get that question out of the way: writing in Dutch is fun, but I just really needed a challenge. We live in a cosmopolitan world and perfectly speaking and writing English is slowly becoming the norm, especially for employers. Distinguishing yourself from the crowd by writing in your non-native language might be really handy for me in the future.

So maybe you’ve read until this point and you’ve become curious about the topics I’ll blog about. I have no clue how to explain my niche, but for now it’ll be a lifestyle blog filled with internal monologues, obsessions and occasional witty rambles about events.

So, take a seat and grab the popcorn. I hope you’re here to stay!