Foodtastic places to eat in Vienna – Cafés

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three most important meals of the day, but when you’re on a citytrip in a city that is famous for its cafés you can add a fourth meal to the list: cake. From massive world-famous cafés to the more laidback ones tucked away in a small alley: you name it, Vienna has it.

During my eight days in Vienna I’ve encountered some great, okay or downright horrible cafés. Even though some of these great cafés are already considered famous, I do want to talk about them all, right here, right now.

Café Neko
As soon as I heard that Vienna had a catcafé, I vowed to myself to go there at least once during my stay. Well, I went there three times. Consider this: cat-shaped food and drinks, friendly staff and five cuddly cats surrounding you. Can it get any better? Of course not! The love I have for this café can’t even be put to words and no, that’s not because I’m a crazy cat lady, but because I genuinely love it. Stuff to try: the cappuccino with latte art tastes amazing, but if you want something more ‘unique’ try the matcha coffee, really refreshing on a hot day! For food, the cat shaped vanilla cake has to be tried at least once in my opinion, but the riceballs are delicious as well.

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Foodtastic places to eat in Vienna – Breakfast and dinner

People need food to fuel their bodies, kickstart their days or just because they need a small pick-me-up. Since I’m obviously a person, so do I. In Vienna I was introduced to some amazing places to eat: cafés, restaurants and even real ‘ Wiener konditoreis’. In order to spread the word about these foodtastic places, since they deserve every single last drop of attention, I’m going to give you all a list of my favourite places to eat back in Vienna. Side note: most photos aren’t that, uhm, great, but that’s because I didn’t intend on writing a blogpost until after I returned. Hope you guys don’t mind.

Shall we begin? Here is part one, where I talk about the three most imporant meals of the day.

Café Eiles
My mum and I ended up eating breakfast in this café for a total of four times. Wait? Four times? Yes, that’s correct. Quite a lot, isn’t it? We kickstarted our days, which were filled with intensive walking and strolling around, by eating a lovely Wiener Frühstück, croissants with a huge cup of cappuccino, latte art included! The decor was to die for, the coffee tasted magnificent and the croissants were fresh. I was really sad to leave this cute little café, and their lovely staff, behind when I had to fly back home.

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