Don’t know what to journal about? 10 journaling prompts for you!

Does the following thing sound familiar to you? Wanting to journal, whipping out all of your journaling supplies and opening that precious little book of yours, but coming to the conclusion that you have the worst journaling block ever? Stop worrying and look no further. I’ve compiled a list with 10 journaling prompts specially for you!

1. Doodle your favorite painting

2. Write the life story of a stranger you saw today. Make it as detailed as you want!

3. Look up your horoscope and reflect on it. Did any of the things become reality?

4. If today was a colour, what would it be?

5. Songs you sing in the shower

I doodled Sterrennacht (Starry Night) by Vincent van Gogh

6. Write a letter to your favorite inanimate object

7. Glue in as much bits and bots you can find in your favorite colour. Don’t worry about not making it pretty

8. Doodle the meaning of all of your names

9. Look at this article with the 100 most beautiful words in English, pick one and write about it

10. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood and collect things, such as leaves, that you find on the street

Be sure to tag me on instagram @pamjournals if you plan on doing one of these prompts! I’m really curious to see what beautiful entries will be the result of these!