Foodtastic places to eat in Vienna – Cafés

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three most important meals of the day, but when you’re on a citytrip in a city that is famous for its cafés you can add a fourth meal to the list: cake. From massive world-famous cafés to the more laidback ones tucked away in a small alley: you name it, Vienna has it.

During my eight days in Vienna I’ve encountered some great, okay or downright horrible cafés. Even though some of these great cafés are already considered famous, I do want to talk about them all, right here, right now.

Café Neko
As soon as I heard that Vienna had a catcafé, I vowed to myself to go there at least once during my stay. Well, I went there three times. Consider this: cat-shaped food and drinks, friendly staff and five cuddly cats surrounding you. Can it get any better? Of course not! The love I have for this café can’t even be put to words and no, that’s not because I’m a crazy cat lady, but because I genuinely love it. Stuff to try: the cappuccino with latte art tastes amazing, but if you want something more ‘unique’ try the matcha coffee, really refreshing on a hot day! For food, the cat shaped vanilla cake has to be tried at least once in my opinion, but the riceballs are delicious as well.

What do you get when you ask some grandma’s to bake a cake? You get the most amazing, filling cake ever that’s also made with lots of love. You just read a brief summary of what Vollpension is like. Vollpension is a restaurant where the grandparents bake all sorts of cakes and their children and grandchildren try and run it and, to be honest, they are pretty good at it! The entire restaurants feels antique and is filled with old sofas, loads of photos and a hodgepodge of cutlery that doesn’t match. Still, I absolutely love it. If you’re in for a chill café where you can get a big piece of cake for a small price, then Vollpension should really be added to your list!

Ah, sachertorte… Demel claims to have the original recipe, so my mum and I wanted to try it. It may not be the cheapest place to enjoy a slice of sacher, but it might be one of the nicest: you’re seated in a fancy-looking café filled with waitresses dressed in a classic attire. The service? Incredibly fast for a busy café like this one. Before you know it, you have a tasty cappuccino and a delicious piece of original sachertorte in front of you.

Café Sacher
In for yet another sachertorte after your first one at Demel and do you have a little bit more cash to spend? Then café Sacher is the place to be! Sacher also claims to have the original recipe for sachertorte and therefore competes with Demel for customers. On our last day, my mum and I walked by on accident and decided to have some sacher there, because who knows? We might never come back to Vienna! Picture this: an even fancier building than Demel, comfortable seating, marble tables, waiters in even more fancy attire than Demel, and sachertorte. Even though it’s definitely not the cheapest place you can score a slice of sacher, it’s the experience that counts. If you want to feel like a royal during your coffee-fix and have around 13 euros per person to spare, then this might be something to add to your bucketlist. One fair warning: do not wear shorts, flip-flops or anything too informal, since there’s a chance they’ll turn you down at the entrance! There is a queue and you’ll be given a table and I saw that the people who wore casual, but neat clothing had a good chance to be seated in the best area.

So, two relatively cheap places and two not-so-cheap ones. Demel and Café Sacher have been on my bucketlist for ages, so that’s why we planned on going there. Even though they were too expensive for my liking (#BrokeStudent), I can truly say it was quite the experience. Sometimes, it should be these experiences that count. Consider that if you find yourself in front of all of these wonderful cafés.


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