‘Summer break’ and upcoming blogposts

My holiday in Vienna has been amazing and full of great memories. No words can describe how much I liked it there: amazing buildings, great food, lovely people. I can go on and on. This holiday also made me realise how much ‘free time’ actually means for me, time where I don’t feel constantly pressured to do something special or to create something meaningful. That’s why I decided to take a small break from my blog as well. On August 13th I will be back, and hopefully better than ever!

“But Pam, what will you write about when you’re back, because there’s a chance I won’t come back after a month?”

Well, here’s the answer: I’m going to write about Vienna for a while, with at least 10 blogpost ideas lined up, I’m inspired enough to keep my creative juices flowing. I truly hope each and everyone will be just as excited for these Vienna posts and decide to tune on near the end of August!

I wish everyone a wonderful summer!



P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of two topics for upcoming blogposts: one will be about the best café ever and the other about hidden gems in a certain place


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