Spotify daily mix – commentary part two

A while ago, I decided to take a critical look at the songs Spotify recommended to me. The result was this blogpost. It ended up being quite well-read plus, it was nice for me to write. That’s the reason why I thought it’s high time it had a part two. Seven songs from one of my Spotify daily mixes, ready, set, go!

Scars to your beautiful – Alessia Cara
Having this song first is a great idea! I can guarantee that I’ll sing along, off-key, on full volume to this song. Ab-so-lu-te-ly love it!

Solo dance – Martin Jensen
I remember Shazaming this song once when I was in the car with my mother. After that, I had it on repeat for maybe a week until I got bored of it and never listened to it again. Now, hearing it again was quite nice, especially because I wasn’t sick of hearing it over and over again, haha.
No money – Galantis
This song vaguely reminds me of my introduction week at uni, when they blasted this song full volume on the campus square and the introduction ‘ officially’ began. Again, rarely ever listened to it afterwards, but it was nice to hear it, since it brought back memories.

Everything I didn’t say – 5 seconds of summer
Remember when I was in my 5sos phase 3 years ago? Yeah, I can. One thing’s for sure, this song makes me feel quite old, because I can remember the summer of 2014 as if it was a few months ago, not a few years!

Swalla feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Jason Derulo
Ooooooh, so this is the song that is always played at every party I attend? Nah, still don’t like it, sorry, but at least I now know what it’s called.

Want u back – Cher Lloyd
How can this song be 6 years old? How? I think the theme of today’s playlist is remembering forgotten moments, because this song sure as hell brought back some. Bonus: I still knew all the lyrics and sang along. Yes, one of my faves from Cher.

Over and over again – Nathan Sykes
Awh, okay, so we made a video for one of our classes a while ago and used this song as background music and, again, it’s starting to get a bit repetative, it brought back a lot of memories, such as the laughter we shared whilst filming in the park.

I think these daily mixes are surely but slowly being tailored to my wants and needs, so I have absolutely nothing to complain, well, now that the adds are starting to play, I found something to complain about….


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