RECAP: first year at university – personal

Done. Period. Complete. Guys, I cannot believe it, but I’m done with my first year at university. So much has happened last year: new school, new friends, new experiences. Sky high moments, but also those deep lows. Stress, joy, tears of being so freaking done with everything to tears of laughter. There’s only one way for me to grasp it all: by recapping this past year. Today is the last part in this series: we’re getting personal.

I’m a pretty serious student, if I have to say so myself. I’m always striving to get A’s and to learn as much as possible. As Laurie Penny once said: ‘Education isn’t a gun held to your head: it’s a weapon in your hands.’ At times, however, there was another gun held to my head: my health.

At the end of October, I learned that overworking yourself is really bad. I fell ill, but constantly felt the need to go on. It took me a while to recover, but it helped me grow as a person. I learned the hard way that health always comes first.

Now on to the more fun personal things! This last year, I started blogging in order to build a portfolio if I were to pursue a career with media. That career in media is also something I came up with last year. Around October, I started thinking about the possible careers I could jump into after graduating, and since I’ve been obsessed with the media ever since I was a little girl, it seemed like a good focuspoint.

The past year, I became more open, decided to speak up more, told myself to do things because I loved them and not because others wanted me to. I pursued journaling even more and kept on track with my journal instagram, I had deep conversations with my mother about things humans can’t normally comprehend, I binge-watched a show every now and then, something I could never do before this year, because I always felt ‘I needed to do something productive and don’t deserve to watch any show right now’ (yes, I was that type of girl) and I decided to apply for my school’s Honours Program. Not because others wanted me to or because I needed to bump up my CV, no, because I was genuinely interested in the courses they offered.

I truly have no idea how to end this piece of text right now other than that it might have been a messy read, but that’s because I literally poured my heart and soul out. University year one, you have been a blessing and a curse, but one thing’s for sure: I’ll never forget this year. One year down, two to go. I’m curious to see what the future holds for me.


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