RECAP: first year at university – friends

Done. Period. Complete. Guys, I cannot believe it, but I’m done with my first year at university. So much has happened last year: new school, new friends, new experiences. Sky high moments, but also those deep lows. Stress, joy, tears of being so freaking done with everything to tears of laughter. There’s only one way for me to grasp it all: by recapping this past year. Today is time for part time: friends.

I wish I could say that the introduction week my university hosted near the end of August helped me make lifelong friends, but that means that I’d be lying. Around 12 girls, two juniors who acted as mentors and a week of getting to know eachother. I expected to talk to them all, form friendships over random things and basically just have the time of my life. Wrong. I met two lovely people in my group (whom I’m still friends with, they’re truly awesome), but the others weren’t really my cup of tea, to say it in a very polite manner.

When I tell people my group of friends officialy bonded in November over a quiznight which consisted of questions about Amsterdam and Donald Trump, they would probably laugh a bit, but it’s true! We made a groupchat because of that night! Conclusion off it all:  I found four lovely people who I could talk to, laugh with and just casually have fun.

We didn’t really do a lot of things this year, partially because we live pretty far apart, so spontaneous plans are rare, but the things we did were pretty memorable: attending the quiznight, an informal drinks party, endless talking to procrastinate from our studying, going out for dinner in Amsterdam in an overly crowded restaurant or just hopping on the subway after an exam to chill in the city.

University on its own is fun, well if you pick the right major of course, but friends make it so much better!


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