RECAP: First year at university – courses

Done. Period. Complete. Guys, I cannot believe it, but I’m done with my first year at university. So much has happened last year: new school, new friends, new experiences. Sky high moments, but also those deep lows. Stress, joy, tears of being so freaking done with everything to tears of laughter. There’s only one way for me to grasp it all: by recapping this past year. Today is time for part one: the courses

I started the year with two courses I was quite fond of: a workgroup in which we got introduced to the academic field and an introduction to the communication sciences. It was a bit hard for me to get into my studyflow again, because after working fulltime for three months and enjoying summer you truly start as a tabula rasa again, a blank slate.

When november came around, these former courses were replaced by interpersonal communication and methodology. Interesting? Yes. My cup of tea? No.
Already being in a festive mood, but having to do two exams isn’t really the nicest way to look forward to the long awaited Christmas break, but I managed to get through with it. By the way, did I tell you Dutch uni students only get two weeks off with Christmas and seven during the summer? I’m still baffled by how some people get five months off in total. Me? Jealous? Nooooooo…. (Yes)

Okay, let’s get back on track. 2017 rolled around, a new year. I started it with a course about some classic communication theories and I must say: I ADORED it and was actually quite sad to hand in the exam after one month of following this intense course.
That sadness actually came from the prospect of knowing what courses came next: statistics and behaviour + communication in organisations. Statistics was okay after all, but I still do not like it that much. B&C in organisations, however, is a course that I’d like to forget. Yes, it was doable, but I never, ever, met a professor that awful. College life is having rude, inconsiderate professors every now and then, but working extra hard just to pass it and not having to listen one of those lectures ever again. Spoiler: I passed his course, thank the stars!

April time. The need for a summer break was starting to kick in, but we had three more months ago. the first two months were dedicated to two other subjects: News and journalism (been looking forward for this course ever since I saw it was part of my curriculum) and history of science: institutions. Even though I absolutely loved the course about news, I hated the huge group project that made up 40% of our total grade, especially since the teacher randomly formed the groups. The history of science course actually has a story: at first, I hated it, because our teacher just couldn’t explain the material in a nice and comprehensive way. After a few weeks, however, the course and our teacher started to grow on me. He was trying so hard to make it sound interesting and added lots of extra information for whenever we wanted to deepen our knowledge on this course. I’m truly gonna miss this man!

One more month ’till summer! The month of June was spend working on a huge research proposal. No more lectures, no more class, just me and my laptop. The result: I worked 60 hours on it the first week, so I could chill a bit the second week. The third week consisted of presenting it and last week, I handed it in. My fingers still hurt from typing, my eyes from reading dozens of articles, but, if I pass it, that means one thing: SUMMERTIME



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