Pamela Tried… morning pages

One week has passed since I announced I was going to try a project called morning pages in this blogpost.  After writing every single morning for a week, I decided it was time for a small recap. Shall we begin?

Waking up earlier
Oh man, I’m definitely not the kind of girl that likes to wake up earlier than is expected from her. Waking up at seven because I need to go to an early lecture is easy for me, however, waking up at seven instead of seven thirty because I have three pages to write isn’t that easy. As the days started to pass, it slowly became a tiny bit easier for me to actually get up on time in order to write it all down. Still, I’m not a fan of waking up earlier, but that might be me.

I remember thinking the first day: ‘what is this project hideous! How can writing down random stuff help me with my day?’ Well, I take back those thoughts. The first day felt like a joke, but as the days progressed, I started to realise how nice it was to actually get my thoughts down on the paper. Not in a ‘let’s make a pretty journal page, so it can be published on my instagram‘-kinda way, but in a ‘pour-your-heart-and-sould-on-the-paper’-kinda way. With the end of my schoolyear nearing, that exactly what I needed.

That’s right, I don’t plan on showing what I wrote, but that’s because it was very personal. I hope you guys will understand this

Did I like to do this little project? Yes. Do I plan on keeping this habit? Sadly, no. As much as I liked to write every single morning, it started to feel like a chore when I hit the 5 day mark. I’m scared that I’ll won’t enjoy it as much anymore after a couple of months and it’s better for me to call it quits a little bit earlier than that. I do recommend it to every to at least try it once for themselves, yes, even if you’re sceptical.

Do you plan on trying this project as well?


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