Spotify daily mix – commentary

If I had to describe myself in three words, It’d be something along the lines of ‘Avid Spotify user’. Countless hours per day are filled with jamming along to the newest songs, singing along with the lyrics and suffering through the ads (the perks of not being a premium user). A while ago, I discovered the spotify daily mix a.k.a the best playlist ever. I, the music lover, decided to jot my thoughts down for the first seven songs of the day.

1. By your side feat. Raye – Jonas Blue
I Shazamed this song a while ago when it was used for a Say Yes To The Dress commerical, but I sort of forgot about it for a few weeks. Then, all of sudden, it popped up in this playlist and I immediately remembered it. Love this song, I really do!

2. All time low – Jon Bellion
Back when I first downloaded Spotify, which was only in December 2016 (Yes, I was very late to the party), I found a playlist that consisted of the best songs of 2016. This was one of the few songs that made it to my very own ‘January jams’ playlist, but I totally forgot about after the first month ended. It was nice to hear it again a few weeks later!

3. Castle on the hill – Ed Sheeran
Okay, So I basically still hadn’t listened to this song until the moment it came up in this playlist… Shame on me! I just never really felt like listening to Ed’s new album, but I’m very glad this song ended up in here! Be right back, listening to his entire album as I speak!

4. It ain’t me feat. Selena Gomez – Kygo
I’m incredibly glad the daily mix playlist introduced me to this song, since I heard it a couple of times on the radio, but I just didn’t know whose song it was. The look on my face was totally priceless.

5. Roman Holiday – Halsey
What’s a playlist without a little bit of Halsey, right? This is actually my favorite song by her, so kudos to the algorithm making these playlists for me, since they really do know what I like!

6. Stay feat. Alessia Cara – Zedd
Did someone say festival vibes? I was introduced to this song last March when me and my friends were chilling in an abandoned classroom, so when this song came up, it brought me back to that back. I lo-lo-love this song so much. Period.

7. Dangerously – Charlie Puth
Again, the algorithms are really doing their best! Yet another personal fave by an artist that ended up in the playlist. I think I love this song and this playlist dangerously.

‘Enjoy 30 minutes non-stop music thanks to the following advert.’
Sigh, I think that means I have to stop now, even Spotify has had enough of this blogpost.


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